Working Together!

The town of Payson, Arizona, recently lost its longtime medical marijuana dispensary, “Untamed Herbs”. The license for the dispensary, at 200 N. Tonto St., transferred to a JARS location in the Valley. This contributed to the Payson location closing in March 2021. Since then, medical patients have been driving to either Show Low or Phoenix to purchase their medical marijuana; or ordering online and having product delivered to the Tonto location (hub) once a week. 

The dispensary will return, pending a city committee hearing in concerns to zoning. However, the dispensary will no longer serve as a medical marijuana storefront and is no longer an Untamed Herb’s. The adult use license will now be a JARS. 

On Thursday, August 12th, the Town of Payson held a conference about zoning for a new adult use marijuana dispensary. Thomas (Tom) P Morrissey and the committee listened to many of Payson’s citizens’ cries for an option that would be more convenient than the ones they have now. 

And with all the Payson Town Council voting in support for the adult use dispensary, approved the rezoning measure. 

The result of the final tally pleased Andrew Provencio and Pamela Donner. Andrew Provencio is the initial license holder, and Donner joined as a partner of Untamed Herbs. the Az Department of Health Services granted them one of the new county licenses issued by

“We have been working with the Town of Payson for the last several years, to get permanent patient access in Gila County. Our original license that was here was moveable; the new county license that was just approved will be permanent to Gila County!” said Andrew Provencio.

Pam Donnor plans on bringing the medical dispensary license back to Payson, describing; 

“We must now lobby to get all rural licenses to have Dual Use, meaning serve both the Adult and Medical communities.” Continuing on, she states; “This is a statewide program and the people of rural Arizona deserve access to medical marijuana.”

Mike Robinette, the Director of Southern Arizona NORML and Arizona NORML/ the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws, says, “We were incredibly grateful to assist in the process of getting the Town of Payson to approve zoning for the adult-use establishment.” Robinette states; 

“This represents a major victory for all cannabis consumers in Payson and demonstrates what can be accomplished through rallying the cannabis community to fight for access to clean and tested products through a licensed adult-use establishment. We look forward to the day when Payson has both an adult-use establishment and a medical dispensary to fully serve both patients and adult-use consumers.” 

A. J. Jacobs is a former police officer who is also the secretary of Arizona NORML. Who spoke on behalf of the organization Thursday. A.J. had this to say about the zoning hearing.

 “I would like to thank the Payson town Council for adhering to the democratic process and allowing the people’s voices to be heard and them doing what the voters asked for. This is what government is supposed to be about, `Of the people, by the people, for the people.”

Lance Tafoya, who is a part of the Stoney Bros podcast and also a Payson resident. Lance brought this to everyone’s attention, and he worked hard to gather support. He thought there was going to be more negative commentary from the public than there was. However, he continued on to declare that, “Through tenacity, education, and great concern of the town. The volunteers who spoke, and building owners of the dispensary zone, won the hearts of the city council.”