**WATCH** Drop The Mic Moment of 2022’s Legislation Session

There were not a good deal of cannabis measures this year. Legislators were busy from all kinds of topics, from abortion to water rights, leaving 2022 almost uneventful for cannabis reform. Due to all that, there were not many options for this year’s Drop The Mic Moment.

The drop the mic moment of 2022 goes to Senator Sonny Borrelli (R-11) for his use of the word Bogart. Not only did Senator Borrelli use the word, he used it correctly to describe the license cap situation in Arizona’s cannabis industry.


  1. in. to monopolize a communal marijuana cigarette; to hold a communal marijuana cigarette so long—Bogart style—that one drools on it. (From Humphrey Bogart, the screen actor.) Stop bogarding and take a hit!