There Is Only One “Greened Out Antidote

Cannabis continues to push the envelope forward and is becoming more attainable to the masses. As new cannabis products emerge and evolve, it is also important to know about the products on hand to the public to counteract the effects of consumption of too much cannabis.

Over consumption of cannabis is nothing to be embarrassed about and happens to almost everyone. While cannabis over consumption is non-fatal, it can feel like it can be, it is far from enjoyable and is extremely uncomfortable. 

Although there are over 400 chemical constituents in the cannabis plant, THC is the most widely known and is responsible for this feeling of discomfort.

To help ease the effects of over consumption, a product was needed help to “unhaze the blaze.” Luckily, there is only one “greened out antidote, U.S. Pat. No. 9,918,947 or better known as UNDOO ®, Softgels, LLC.

This revolutionary product is changing the face of cannabis. Before UNDOO ®, Softgels, LLC, people would have to wait out the enjoyable feeling that comes with cannabis over consumption. Of course, there are other options such as soda and energy drinks, which are all unhealthy and can have unwanted side effects.  

How is UNDOO ®, Softgels, LLC, formulated to quickly, and efficiently, remove the discomfort and help alleviate any unwanted side effects that go along with ingesting too much THC, without any caffeine or CBD? 

Olivetol, is a compound that comes from Lichens, (which can be described as a cross between moss and algee) Olivetol is exactly the same molecule as Olivetolic Acid. Olivetolic Acid is the bodies’ natural way of cleansing the CB1 cannabinoid receptor of THC. 


If you compare Olivetol and THC side by side you’ll notice that the two are almost twins. Except Olivetol, is a smaller compound than THC. This means it sneaks around the THC molecule to the CB1 receptor, working to naturally, reduce any discomfort, yet still leaving the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. 

This is why UNDOO ®, Softgels, LLC, gently calms the discomfort without enabling the entourage effect. The entourage effect synergistically incorporates the over 400 chemicals in cannabis. This means that all the chemicals work together for the most health benefits. This is also why “full plant extract” is used with many medical conditions. 

Over time the more cannabis you consume, the more your tolerance goes up; the less effective cannabis is at relieving symptoms. Before UNDOO ®, Softgels, LLC, the only thing to do to resolve this issue was a “tolerance break.”

Now, pop a soft gel before you go to bed. The next time you consume “it will not be like the 1st time all over again” but over the course of the next day or two, you’ll notice that it takes less cannabis to receive the desired effects.

The founders of this one-of-a-kind soft gel that packs a powerful punch, are James Carnberry and Sarara Corva. Sarara’s not only a founder of UNDOO ®, Softgels, LLC, she is also a natural health advocate, as well as a cancer survivor. Which surely had to be part of the inspiration behind UNDOO ®, Softgels, LLC.

When Sarara was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011, she miraculously reversed the disease using whole flower cannabis. She remembers back to the ordeal saying, “I did not use chemo; I had no mastectomies, and I did not receive radiation- all of which were recommended.”

To the doctor’s astonishment, six months later, Sarara was cancer free. She immediately plugged into an ocean of cannabis research and education.

Sarara met her life partner and co-founder of UNDOO ®, Softgels, LLC, James (Jimmy) Carnberry while speaking and educating seniors about the benefits of cannabis. Jimmy has been using cannabis for 30-plus years to treat his glaucoma, without any pharmaceuticals and has been an advocate of the plant for life. As well as being an advocate and a patient, Jimmy is also the scientist who developed the patented U.S. Pat. No. 9918947 UNDOO soft gel.

While the pair made appearances educating seniors, it became an unavoidable topic for the two. Sarara recalls, “Jimmy and I got to talking about educating seniors and realized that, ‘be careful not to over ingest … or you will be sorry’ was not the best way to teach people about this amazing plant.” Then the light bulb went off over Sarara’s head when she asked Jimmy, “can you create an antidote to help with this problem?”

With Jimmy’s science background and over 30years of knowledge about the cannabis plant, it only took him four months before UNDOO was born.

Jimmy (Co founder of UNDOO ®, Softgels, LLC, with Kevin Smith (silent Bob) & Jason Mewes (Jay)

UNDOO ®, Softgels, LLCsoft gels are trademarked and patented for distribution worldwide and are available for purchase through UNDOO.COM. You can also find a local retailer there in case of an emergency.

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