The Errl Cup Spring 2022, Sets The Tone For The Year

If you’re in the Arizona cannabis community, you know there are holidays. No, I’m not talking about the normal 420 and 710 cannabis enthusiasts holidays. Three times a year the Arizona cannabis community starts planning, requesting off work, and all start making arrangements for The Errl Cup Festival and Awards.

The Errl Cup has deep ties to our community. They are the longest established cannabis festival in Arizona. What started as a way to celebrate medical marijuana patients while providing education, is now doing the same thing for all cannabis consumers.

This last Errl was held March 12th and 13th of 2022 and if it is setting the tone for the year of festivities, it’s going to be a fire year. Vendors brought their A game. Brands, like Reefer Gladness, had infused cotton candy. Others like The Mint Café brought an oven and made infused pizzas right on sight. Tru Infusion had a gigantic setup and was handing out infused popcorn. Of course, there were flower brands as well, such as Aeriz giving out pre-rolls.

All of that is secondary, the true importance of The Errl Cup Festival and Awards…. Memories. The Errl Cup staff and volunteers do all this backbreaking labor (many need chiropractors after) for you the cannabis consumer in Arizona to have stories to tell your grandkids about watching marijuana become legal and mainstream.

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Photo Credit: Random People In The Errl Cup Elite Facebook Page, Steve Simpson, And Safer David Stephen Wisniewski