New Gift Trend In The Cannabis Community!

What were some of your favorite books as a kid? Dr Seuss, of course! But what other books did you enjoy? Remember pop-up books? Almost every time you turned the page, a 3D origami pop-up would delight your whimsical little heart.  

Well, what happens when you mix cannabis adult humor and pop-up? You get Dirty Pop Cards, and it’s predicted to be one of the biggest gifts giving ideas to the cannabis community. 

Where did this nostalgic adult-themed greeting card idea come from? Heartspace Cards, LLC is more than a keepsake paper card; it’s a keepsake made from bamboo wood. These carved sentiments from the heart gave way to Dirty Pop Cards. 

Since this year has been a roller-coaster ride for pretty much everyone, the Dirty Pop Cards middle finger pop-up definitely commemorates 2020. There is also a psychedelic card with trippy, colorful mushrooms, as well as a few naughty Christmas cards and more….

The “and more” is probably the highlight for those of us in the cannabis community. Pop-up cannabis themed cards, such as a bong, cannabis leaf, and budding cannabis plant that come to life when you open the card. 

Dirty Pop Cards are popping up  in smoke shops all across the valley and hopefully will be popping into an event (when they open back up) soon. So pop down to your local smoke shop and grab a few of these for the gift giving season. They are sure to pop a smile on someone’s face! 

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