Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, With Cannafriends

Reduce, reuse, recycle! Since grade school, they have taught us that we, as a species, need to do this to occupy our earth. So, why in the cannabis industry, is there so much waste regarding packaging? 

It’s not a plastic sandwich bag anymore. The cannabis industry has evolved, packaging included. In short, this is due to two reasons. The first one being Laws. Fear of children ingesting cannabis has constantly been an apprehension for policymakers. Childproof containers are a regulation in every state that permits legal cannabis. Accurate as they protect cannabis from children’s hands (many adults too), the obstacle is more debris. The other reason there is an abundance of packaging is simple: it looks cool. Shelf appeal is a primary priority of cannabis brands. 

Therefore, August’s Cannafriends is dedicated to sustainability in the cannabis industry. This month a panel of experts from various perspectives in the cannabis space joins Cannafriends to discuss packaging trends, waste reduction, energy consumption and all the way’s cannabis industry leaders are trying to create it the greenest industry on the planet.

Panelist John Hartsell from Dizpot might know a thing or two about packaging. After all, Dizpot’s is one of the largest wholesale suppliers in Arizona. John isn’t alone, Garrett Schwartz and others too industry leaders join in about how the industry is actively working to neutralize the carbon footprint and build the circular economy of the future.

Garret Schwartz is with Resinate. It’s a gadget that grinds up old plastic cannabis containers. Garret then refurbished the plastic into other handy stoner accessories. Resinate has recycling locations in dispensaries around Arizona. 

Do you have old plastic containers? Bring them to Cannafriends and receive 50% off your ticket! 

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