Normalizing Cannabis At Cannafest 2021

The cannabis community/industry is close-knit. We’ve gone camping together, we celebrate birthdays together; we support each other in good times and in bad. We are virtually like family to one another. And on Sunday, November 14, we got to do a family activity without the dread of repercussions.

Cannafest 2021’s location was nostalgic for many Arizona natives, as we’ve grown up swimming, golfing and doing other fun activities there. Vibes were high as many in the cannabis community found their inner child running around the entertainment park, devoted to education of a plant that’s been demonized for too long.

Cannafest 2021 had something for everybody. There were vendors scattered across the park with information and samples. The Mint with all their brands (Sofa King and WTF) took over the mini golf course. There were cannabis brands on the side of the wave pool. The attendees of Cannafest had to explore every nook and cranny of the park to discover their favorite brands. 

Many of those that attended took advantage of the free round of golf and hour of free video arcade play. Others rode the bumper boats or drove the go karts. The 7-hour event might not have been long enough to take profit of all it offered. 

However, unlike the regular attendees and families that play at the park when it was time to leave, there wasn’t any whining asking for “just 5 more minutes” and there were no tantrums either. In fact, when we asked a faculty member how the day compared to a typical day at the park, she claimed the attendees at Cannafest were more polite and less mess than her ordinary routine.

She was not the only daily employee that had an easier time than traditional. The medical staff were also under-whelmed that day at work. When asked how their time went as compared to usual, they stated that there was only one incident that day. He only needed some water and food and a little chill out time and was fine a short bit later. This is unlike their regular days, especially during summer months. 

Mesa’s finest could also be found wandering the park on Sundays event. Which is weird for many of us that still want to run when they have a joint in their hand and see a cop. However, the police looked bored. When asked what they thought of the situation, one claimed, “it’s mild and harmless”. 

Normalization of cannabis is happening slowly but surely, and this experience is confirmation of that. 

David Decorpo the Creator and Event Director at Trap Culture Promotions states; “Cannafest 21 is a historical moment for cannabis and the events that go with them. Thanks to all the vendors, attendees, and the venue for making it all possible. The activity park was so impressed by Cannafest that they approached Trap Culture to host another event as soon as May! How would everyone feel about a pool party with all the water rides?”.

We’ll keep you informed on when. The only details released is that it will be in May.