Memorial Day Weekend Memorial to Mikel Weisser

Memorial day weekend is the perfect weekend to pay tribute to the late canna warrior who fought against the drug war,  Mikel Weisser, and that is exactly what happened this last Saturday out in Kingman!

Many from the Valley packed up and made the same four-hour trip Mikel made many, many times before. As we followed Mikel’s journey to his house, it’s easy to see how he would unwind from his harsh political endeavors with the long and winding serene landscape.

The first hint on Mikel’s house was the “So-Hi, Arizona,” sign that let everyone know they were on the right path. Just about a block after that, on the right-hand side, peace signs on a chain-link fence marked the dwelling of the former State Director of Arizona NORML. As you walk up to the house, “Sign here to legalize” signage lined the path.  

Visible was his little gray car, sitting how he left it. Peering in the window, you could see a DOMM water bottle empty on the passenger seat. Beth, Mikel’s wife, did an amazing job of opening her home, welcoming a group of about 75 people to celebrate Mikel’s life. She even included a mini Mikel museum that featured his famous taped pink cup, Mikel for Congress signs, his NORML hat, his Arizona Cannabis button down business shirt, and a few of his sport blazers.

Family and friends gathered to pay tribute to one of the most inspiring men we have ever met. We all came together and shared poetry, some of our own inspired by him and some written by him. We sang his songs like “Jesus and the Jailer,” with the catchy chorus line of “free the weed.” Some simply spoke what was on their mind. However, one thing is for sure, as the sun set on the little house on the hill, we all remembered Mikel.

As we packed up and left that little house in So Hi, Arizona and again followed the same route Mikel took back to Phoenix many times before, we understood the sacrifices both he and his wife made, all for cannabis reform.

Beth said, ” I shared him in life. I’ll share him in death, too.” Thank you, Beth, for sharing Mikel with the world. Behind every great man is an even greater woman, and there is no doubt in my mind that you were Mikel’s solace and peace he needed to inspire a community.

More Ways To Remember Mikel

One of the more interesting highlights of the evening, also announced on Cannabis Radio, was the announcement of a new strain in Mikel’s honor. Much like Jack Herer, Mikel Weisser will have a Sativa OG that fits his character and his cannabis preference. The company behind this wishes to remain unknown but is donating all the wholesale profits to Mikel’s favorite non-profit, NORML and his wife Beth. What is this new strain going to be named? That’s one of the best parts. You decide. That’s right! There will be a strain naming contest when the time arrives; until then, no details are being released, but maybe, just maybe, there will be an event to unveil it all. Fingers crossed!! To Watch!

In the meantime, MITA the Cannabis Industry Trade Association has already announced plans for a Mikel memorial at the next physical in person MITA mixer, during their online MITA meeting this last Thursday, May, 21st. MITA put together an amazing video montage. They have also started a Go Fund Me in Mikel’s honor to help Mikel’s wife Beth. MITA also made a tribute video.

On Friday, May 22, Cannabis Radio hosted a Memorial to Mikel that had a great number of speakers, so much so, in fact. They ran past their two-hour time.

Hippy Life Entertainment, with the Hippy Life Chronicles podcast, dedicated an episode to Mikel as well, along with “The Activist” shirt, which all proceeds will go to Beth Weisser, and their tribute.

Of course, there is always his online legacy, on the Arizona NORML Facebook page, if you miss the man himself.

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