Legislative Update 2022, Week 24, June 20th to 24th

Last time we tuned in it was a circus and good to know not much has changed. Senator Shope’s (R-8) bill SB1324 deals with money from the Smart and Safe Act of Arizona, Prop 207, and it is no more. After failing the final read, there was a motion to reconsider, in which it also failed again.

Now on the chopping block is HB2050. Originally, this bill was a striker. Senator David Gowan (R-14) added the amendment to strike all and amend everything, around the time of crossover week in February. Since then, HB2050 has had two amendments, one added by Gowan himself, the other added by Senator Rios (D-27). The bill that once only dealt with dual rural licenses has expanded. HB2050 now includes smaller batch testing, funding for research, dual licensing for both rural and social equity licenses, as well as no state fee for veterans to obtain medical marijuana cards.

The measure failed early on Thursday, at this time we do not know if a motion to reconsider will be on the table. At the time of writing this, there will be a House floor Committee at 830pm Thursday night. Stay tuned for recent developments.


Failed House Third Read (Floor)
Failed House Third Read (Floor) After reconsider



House Final Read Failed 6-23-22, Vote- 36, 22, 2 (Video to come)
House Caucus 6-15-22 (VIDEO)
Transfer to House
Senate Third Read Passed 6-14-22, Vote 25, 2, 3 (VIDEO)
Senate Caucus 4-19-22
Senate Rules 3-31-22
Strike Everything Amendment Added Senate Appropriations
Adopted 3-29-22, Vote: 9-1 (VIDEO)
A marijuana establishment licensee is authorized to request to the Department of Health Services to become a dual licensee and be authorized to sell medical marijuana. A nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary registration certificate issued under a dual license is not counted toward the total number of nonprofit medical marijuana dispensaries authorized under any geographic requirements. A dual license cannot be split for license ownership sales or transfers. Due to voter protection, this legislation requires the affirmative vote of at least 3/4 of the members of each house of the Legislature for passage.
Original Prime Sponsor: Wilmeth (R-Dist-15)
Striker sponsor: Sen. Gowan (R-Dist-14)
ARS Titles Affected: 36
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House Third Read 6-22-22 Failed (video to come)
House Reconsider 6-6-22 Passed (VIDEO)
House Third Read 6-6-22 Failed
House COW 5-24-22 Passed (VIDEO)
House COW 5-18-22 held retained on calendar
House Caucus (VIDEO)
House Rules Passed 3-28-22
House Military Affairs Public Safety/ MAPS 3-21-22 Passed as amended 8-6-1 (VIDEO)
Transmitted to House 2-24-22
Senate Final Read 2-23-22 Passed 27-1-2 (no video)
Senate COW 2-17-22 Passed (as amended) (VIDEO)
Senate COW- 2-16-22 Held
Senate Rules- 2-7-22 Passed (no video)
Senate Appropriations- Passed 2-1- Vote 6-2 (VIDEO)

Modifies the distributions from the Smart and Safe Fund by adding joint powers authorities to the list of entities that receive 31.4 percent of Fund monies in proportion to the number of enrolled members in the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System. Retroactive to January 1, 2021. Due to voter protection, this legislation requires the affirmative vote of at least 3/4 of the members of each house of the Legislature for passage.
ARS Titles Affected: 36
First sponsor: Sen. Shope (R – Dist 8)
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All information can be found on azleg.gov
All information is based on Thursday 05/19/2022

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