Join The Errl Cup Family, Volunteer!

One of the best ways to make new friends in the cannabis community is to attend an Errl Cup event. However, the best way to make a new family is to volunteer at an Errl Cup event. 

The Errl Cup Festival and Awards is the longest running cannabis event in Arizona. Since 2015 Jim and Jay’s squad has been focused on consumer appreciation and education, along with industry accountability. This equals 2 festivals a year, one in fall and one in spring, with a camping trip between the two. The spring and fall festivals are linked to award ceremonies for the industry that is judged by the cannabis community and consumers like you. 

One of the key ingredients to its success is The Errl Cups volunteers. Many volunteers work behind the scenes, setting things up and taking things down. Others you see all the time at check-in and in the VIP section that you’ve come to know and love. It’s not always a glamorous task, as others silently sneak in and change trash bags, along with bathroom duty. However, every job is crucial to the event and those that attend. 

This all doesn’t come without perks. Besides the benefit of making new friends and being a part of something better than yourself, The Errl Cup holds volunteer parties. These are not your average volunteer party’s, sure it’s normally a potluck. However, there are also fun activities and crafts to do. Allena Campbell/ Pineapple, Errl Cup Core says, She just wants people to have fun. Following up, she states, “It’s my mission to keep the volunteers happy and coming back!! I love what I get to do.” One-year volunteers did Halloween gingerbread houses, and another year for Errl’s Christmas party they made ugly sweater ornaments.  If crafting doesn’t float your bong, you can always give a try at turkey bowling, (regular bowling, but with a frozen turkey) or other shenanigans. 

And what’s a volunteer party without showering volunteers with praise, prizes, and rewards for a job well done? They raffle prizes ranging from huge ass bongs to dab rigs to electronic smoking devices off. And that’s just the prizes. After volunteering at 3 events, volunteers get an Errl Cup Hoodie. After 5 events it’s an Errl Cup Glass pendy. 

Despite all that, the real reward is giving back to the community, being a part of something bigger than yourself and not only making memories for yourself, but for others as well, that will last a lifetime! 

If this sounds like something you are interested in, please reach out to the Errl cup via their ig page. 

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