If These Walls Could Talk – DOMM

Throughout my history I have been many things, but perhaps my favorite incarnation was the last. My legal name is parcel 120-23-063B, but others address me as 3123 E Thomas Rd. I’ve gone by other names such as Marc’s Glass. However, I am most notable as DOMMLIFE, even though that is not what I am called now. 

Marc’s Glass Before DOMM

Established in 1961, my primary purpose has been construction workers, repairmen and technicians. That is until 2017, when my path changed. I was purchased by a newly wed couple and renamed DOMM/ Delivery Of Medical Marijuana. The wife spent about a year remodeling me inside and out. With her hands she transformed me into a coffee shop, salon, CBD store, and cannabis event venue. The upgrade came with fashionable new furniture; not one but two 70s style bubble swing chairs, and fuzzy pillows. That’s just the interior, outside, wood benches were crafted just for me and green AstroTurf was added to hide the cement.  

Grand opening

My launch as DOMM was on March 31, 2018. It was a Full Moon Gathering with bongo drums, fire dancers, and more. They burned Sage to bless and purify me. This was totally out of my element as a former glass store, but I liked the atmosphere. Under my roof people would come together, smiling and laughing, all the while enjoying each other’s company. The community that called me home eventually tattooed me with their art. I was constantly active and the center of attention.  

Of course, it wasn’t all roses. The married couple that obtained me separated, and I discovered myself in a custody battle. The object of the civil action is to dissolve the entity known as Domm, LLC and to disburse its assets, including property (me), corresponding to Arizona statute. 

Regardless of this litigation, I remained in the limelight, until 2020, when my carnation as Domm went up in smoke. Although the situation had been smoldering for a while, it all came to a blaze in the summer that year. I was placed on the market. My estimated value is $265,200, but my cost was $949,000. 

Despite the civil action and the high asking price, I was sold in December 2020, for 1000 dollars, to the father of the husband of the married couple. It was a QUIT CLAIM DEED. The thing about Quit Claim Deeds is my title does not need to be clean of liens and civil suits; and it’s not. Besides the custody battle, I have a tax lien as well. 

I’m uncertain what all this means for me or my career as an event site. The one that claimed to be my owner even though he did not remodel me, took a flight away from 420. Oddly enough, that is currently what I’m referred to, “Flight 420”. Now my tattooed walls I adored so much are dull and have been painted black. The paint may be different, but the bamboo is the same as I am still an event venue. However, I cater to the recreational side of cannabis now. The group that tattooed my walls, I haven’t seen for a bit. I assume this is how residential buildings feel about their families moving on. 

Considering the legal drama that surrounds me, I’m not sure if I will ever cater to the medical community again. Or if I will even be an event venue much longer in general. Regardless of what remains in store for me, I embraced my reign as DOMM. If you were one of those that united under my roof; smiling and laughing; and if you miss me. I’m always in your social media memories. Thank you for coloring my walls and my world with your presence. Besides, as long as you have each other and your community, you don’t require me!  I will have new owners, you will have other venues, but at least we both made memories to last a lifetime!

Author’s note: Hey if there’s an entire novel from a horse’s perspective (Black Beauty) I can write an article from a building’s view point. DOMM endeared it’s brick and mortar to the community, it seems only fair to give it a formal farewell.

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The Kush Kronicles reached out to 3 parties of interest when researching this article. The current rent to own tenets of the building had no comment. The “former owner” also had no comment. We thank Amanda Brown (rebuilder/ transformer of DOMM and handywomen) for her help and pictures with this article. Also a special thanks to Angelica Rodriguez (Tangie) for a photo credit as well. Cannafriends photo credit Alissa Brunelli (Full Spectrum Creative)

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