Girl That Is Driven To Press

You may have seen her around representing Chill Pill as a brand ambassador, but her real passion is concentrates. Not just any concentrate; this girl is driven to press rosin. If you don’t already know her, she is the most easy going, laid back, chill chick ever, with a total 70’s good vibe. So who is she?

Who is she?

Bell, also known as Rosin Bell, Bell grew up in Tacoma, Washington. Back in high school, she wouldn’t have considered herself a “pothead” or a “stoner.” She got high for her 1st time in the mid 2000s with a few of her close friends. “I would skip the class before Art class and go out to the woods behind the school and smoke with a few classmates,” Bell recounts.

She smoked off and on for the next few years, until having to stop completely when she moved to Arizona to follow her dream of being a Harley Davidson Certification Mechanic. Sadly, her school gave random UA tests, and at the time she was not going to allow anything in the way of her goals. 

She graduated in 2014. Everything was going as planned;  she succeeded at school, was achieving her goals, but then tragedy struck.

Tragedy struck…

In 2014, Bell was in a motorcycle accident that totally changed her life. The crash left her unable to walk by herself for six months, with over 19 broken and fractured bones. Most of Bell’s injuries centered around her spine and pelvic area, which also gave way to a lacerated liver and a punctured lung, as well as a concussion.

The first three days of her hospital stay, she had been given the opioid Dilaudid/ Hydromorphone, a controlled substance used to treat pain, on a 15-minute drip.  Recalling the nightmare, Bell says, “I absolutely hated the feeling and the sickness that it was giving me.”

On the 4th day, the doctors decided to give her a button to the drip so she could self medicate as much as she needed, which she didn’t need nor want. “The feeling that shit gave me was much worse and much more debilitating than just suffering with the pain,” Bell says retrospectively, adding, “It definitely surprised my nurses and doctors that I didn’t want it, so they started giving me oxycodone in a pill form instead.”

However, an opioid is an opioid, and the effect was so egregious for her that she refused to take it. Even though the concerned hospital advised her otherwise, she is, in contrast, thankful she avoided the pharmaceutical painkillers, stating, “They push painkillers like candy without ever teaching you the dangers of these addictive substances, and I consider myself blessed that they don’t agree with me.”

It took her six months to be able to stand and shower independently. Bell, no longer in school and completely broken, needed all the support she could get. Nevertheless, she only found more heartache. Her live-in boyfriend cheated on her and then asked her to move out. She recalls, “I was on my own and not feeling the vibes to say the least.”

When one customer would change her life forever.

She went back to the only place that would take her, with a demotion of course, selling supplements for a vitamin store. That’s when one customer would change her life forever. Bell remembers, “We had a regular that would come in almost every day in his work shirt and buy the same pre-workout and protein bar. After a few weeks, I asked him where he worked since his shirt had the chemical symbol for THC on it. It turns out, he was the manager of a dispensary behind our shop. He told me to drop off a resume sometime, because they were hiring.” It’s clear to see that the lead panned out and jump started Bell’s career in the cannabis industry.

The job might just have been a bonus to being able to medicate with cannabis and not fear losing her livelihood. “It was definitely an experience. Not only did I have no back pain, but I was happy again too. Two feelings that had been strangers to me over the last year,” she states.

It only took a few months of working there before she was introduced to concentrates by a coworker, and the rest you can say is history. Bell emerged herself into hash and rosin. “I can definitely say a seed was planted that has grown ever vigorously towards the hash world. Well as I’ve learned in my life, all good things come to an end, and that dispensary went through a court-appointed takeover which led to most of us no longer working there a few months later.’’

Her journey wasn’t over yet…

However, her journey wasn’t over yet; she found another budtender position with Arizona Natural Remedies (ANR) in 2015, where she has been ever since. In 2017, rumors started to circulate about ANR getting a rosin press, and Bell wanted in on that action. Patiently, she waited as another year went by, but then the rumors became true. Even when the time came, the new rosin press came with a two-man team to run it, and Bell wasn’t one of them. 

“Well I was definitely not happy, but I pushed forward. The rosin quality was definitely not where it could be, and I knew the only way to get anyone to believe me, a girl, could make bomb ass rosin and hash was to buy my own press. So I did, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

After practicing on flower and sift kief at home, she was ready to show off her skills, and in doing so, became allowed to bring her press to work to make rosin.

History repeated itself…

History repeated itself, and ANR was purchased by a corporate entity, but this time, unlike the last, Bell stayed and “pressed on” (pun intended). Even before the takeover, Bell brought her own supplies and tools. Pretty much everything besides the sift and trim she provided herself. Her desire to do better and produce a higher quality hash came directly from her bank account. In Bell’s words, “I basically had to buy my own lab.”

If there is one thing people in this community know how to do, it’s to push onward. Bell says, “It’s rough to be in an industry that continuously puts you down and holds you back because of gender and favoritism.” Still, she didn’t let that get in the way of making bad-ass hash for personal use (only).

Looking to the past, Bell says, “I would have to say if it wasn’t for my Instagram account, I most likely would have quit this industry forever and never looked back,” adding, “I am super thankful to the hash lovers who saw my work and supported my endeavors at ANR.”

Because of that, Bell had the endurance to persevere, saying, “It gave me a new breath of life and the strength to keep pushing and fighting to make the best hash I physically can in Arizona.”

All of Bell’s hard work finally paid off with the relaunch of the Nugobudder. “With the relaunch of the Nugobudder line, I can say, the community support has grown dramatically. I really want to thank the Hippy Life Podcast, SmokeeeJ, and Grow Sciences for truly blessing me with their support and encouragement,” she stated whole-heartedly.

Bell finds her inspiration is quality and those who fight to bring only the best to the table. “I don’t care what it is, as long as it’s done fully and completely with heart, it will show, and that kind of energy is beautiful to me.”


Still, Bell is humble when it comes to being seen as an inspiration. “I would say, if you truly see me as an inspiration, then I need you to know that my story sucks ass, and I’ve wanted to quit more times than I will admit. But the only reason I am still here is because of heart. If I didn’t truly love what I was doing, I would have run off and become a beach bum about 2 or 3 years ago. So that being said, if you really, truly, honestly want to follow your dreams, you have to take the hits and fucking hit back harder. You have to believe in your pursuit and know that there will be many times when the only one that got your back is you, and even then you will still need to have the courage to keep moving forward. Never let anyone tell you can’t, and never sacrifice your integrity.”

Please check out her hard work. Nugobudder is exclusively available at Oasis for now.

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