Five feet tall volcano bags filled with smoke, bongs carved out of ice, and leaf blowers turned into flower blowers, all the kinds of things we’re used to seeing at Errl cup. Along with free dabs, lanyards, tees, stickers and more, still some people just pay attention to the things they don’t get at festivals like Errl Cup, 710 cup and Errl Camp.

Errl Cup Awards and Festivals is the largest complaint cannabis event in Arizona. Each year, each event keeps growing. In fact, it’s grown so much this year Jim Morrison and his team of volunteers took over 6 acres in the east side of the valley at scarizona located in Mesa.

The 6-acre lot held everything from cannabis brands like; Grow Sciences, the main sponsor of the event, clothing brands like Mary Janes Smoke Wear, non-profits like NORML Arizona. Along with rows of food carts for those that had the munchies.

Amid all the festival commotion, there was a stage in the center of it all, with live music featuring Sincerely Collins that threw pre-rolls  to “highly” excited fans. The stage was also where the Bong Wars, and Dab Wars were played. The competition is based on who can take that fattest bong hit or dab. One winner out of 64 contestants in each of the two categories, two winners total received the medal of honor and bragging rights of the biggest lungs

With more than 1000 VIP tickets for the event, the general admission must be around 5000 medical cannabis card holders or more. Still the line moved fast and everyone who was in line attended the Festival. No one was turned away due to overcrowding. The aisles were nice and wide making it easy to navigate.

It’s hard to understand what goes on behind the scenes at the Errl Cup. As soon as one event is over with and done, there is a short break before its time to plan another event.  

The months of hard work by Jim and his crew at times go unnoticed by the public. Not one detail is glossed over, from porta potties to medical staff to security. Everything is thought out in advance. Every year, every festival, every event grows more and more new faces.

Video provided by Drone Media and Survey

Things went so amazing at scararizona that Jim has decided to move up the 710 Festival which is normally in July, to May.

According to Errl…

“ErrlCup events have grown exponentially in the past five-year thanks to the tens of thousands of #mmj patients who support. This growth impacts our 710DegreeCup event the most. Typically featured  in July, it struggles with long lines in the heat due to limited indoor space. This forces a new date for the #710 cups, at the same great location @scarizona! Competitors don’t miss your new deadline April 9th!!”

And the festival date is May 23rd 2020.

Allison Stein