Cultivating Sparkling Relationships, “Nug Jewelz”

What’s the best way to accessorize any outfit with cannabis? Nug Jewelz, the jewelz you jones to wear, with a broad array of stoney jewelry. Everything you are craving, bracelets, key chains, earrings and of course necklaces. These little pieces of art are handmade with real recycled hemp, a little glitter, and lots of love.

Nug Jewelz has a few distinct lines to offer, as well. The Nugz Pendy line comprises of combining sticky icky glue and dyed recycled hemp together to look like a legitimate cannabis nug. There are cola nugz to display on your neck or there are popcorn nugz to show off as earrings.

Prefer to rock your Nugz, but don’t wish to wear a marijuana nug around your neck at church? Then the Jewelz line is a less loud, more discreet option for you. Instead of molding recycled hemp into “Nugz,” they took the hemp trim and encapsulated it into molds with resin. No, you do not smoke this resin. That’s because this is an epoxy resin that hardens over time. They apply this process to craft beads, to produce bracelets and anklets. Other times the same process is used to make its Signature Jewelz Diamond

The artist behind Nug Jewelz is Stephanie Garbus, and she’s been crafting buds with love for about two years now. It’s hard to pick one aspect that drives Stephs passion to create Nug Jewelz. Maybe it’s the interacting with clients, from watching patrons across the country open her packages on social media to tabling at events in the community. Stephanie states,” that Nug Jewelz is about creating SMILES.” Not only are good vibes and smiles her primary goal, but the actual process of manufacturing her art is therapy. Every little detail down to an extra sticker has been planned out with affection, and Stephanie enjoys every part of her craft.

Steph is a true cannabis entrepreneur who has worked her way up from tabling small events to mailing orders to all over the world and is in local dispensaries.

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Nug Jewelz with a Z can be found on Canna Buzz, Facebook, Tiktok, and Instagram #showusyournugz

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