Concentrated Comedy 2

Valentine’s day, the 2nd of the most popular day to become engaged, as well as one of the top 10 holidays to be depressed. The love birds- For those that have someone, the day is spent in anticipation for the nights date. The jaded- For those that don’t the day might be spent just avoiding the holiday altogether. 

Never before would you think that these two groups could come together on this one day! That is until Concentrated Comedy. Concentrated Comedy is a yearly comedy festival for medical marijuana patients. 

Together To Laugh Their Ass Off

Who managed to bring EVERYONE together to laugh their ass off at this year’s Concentrated Comedy event? David De Corpo of Trap Culture and Mad Terps Labs.  

When David was asked about how he felt the event went, he said: 

“This year’s Concentrated Comedy will go down in the books as one of the best comedy events Arizona has ever seen. Concentrated Comedy 2 had over 40 of the top cannabis vendors, had over 800 attendees and that exceeded everyone’s expectations.”

The Cloud Over The Croft

If cupid was flying around in the air, that night, he surely must have been feeling the effects from the cloud of smoke over The Croft located in downtown Phoenix. 

The Croft was sectioned off into parts. When you first entered the green open-air courtyard, all you could see was concentrate brands. Amazing brands like Glorious Extracts, Pura Earth and WTF Extracts lined the outside area with dabbing stations. After making your way through that maze you come across the flower area. That is where Oasis Dispensary and other quality flower brands were set up, with prerolls and bong and more for everyone. 

Photo Booth With Flare

Who doesn’t love photo booths at events, but this was a photo booth with flare, using a 360 camera. The 360 camera is what it sounds like its a camera that circles around you while you stand in the middle. As you scrolled through social media, the days that followed the event it was hard to miss all the posts of attendee’s videos on social media. 

Then there was yet another room at the very end of it all. This room was the munchie’s room housing edible’s brands like Sublime and Sofa King. Sofa King had their entire line of delicious medicated samples for us to try. In addition to all that there were plenty of food carts to choice from, to brisket and a biscuit,  tacos and more. 

MaryJanes Smokewear and Red Eye Nation Appeal, everyone’s favorite cannabis community designers were also there showing off their clothing lines as well. 

Side Splitting Laughter.

As if this wasn’t all enough the main comedy event was held in yet another side room. Concentrated Comedy brought in comedians from all over the nation for one night to deliver side splitting laughter. No doubt they had us rolling in the aisles that night. 


Trap Culture Promotions next event will be The Arizona Hash Bash 2020, that will be held on May 9th in Phoenix, AZ, at Turf Paradise from 5:00pm – 10:00pm!!! The Arizona Hash Bash will be offering FREE passes for patients and will be a fully medicated cannabis music festival. We are expecting over 3000+ attendees with several attractions, including headline musical acts, VIP, lounges, carnival games, BBQ Pit. Tie Dye booth and much more!!!

Allison Stein