Anniversary Edition- What’s Your “Cannagame” Score?

Many things make the Arizona cannabis community unique. We add our own flare and style to events, pictures, and so much more. For example, let’s play, “Cannagame”! It’s a game where you give yourself 10 points each time you can relate to a statement and/or feel attacked by it. If at the end of each category, you could relate to every statement, and each one made you long for your friends, give yourself 5 extra points. Once you’ve finished, tally up your score and share it along with the article to your Facebook page. The winner is whoever has the highest numbers. 

 Let’s start with events: Errl Cup with all its festivals, Pink Kush Ladies Night, and all the other amazing events the community has to offer.  Although our event scene has been on hiatus, it’s still an important part of our community and deserves to be HIGH lighted.

  1. It’s not a good cannabis event unless you hear at least, two, Sublime songs, one of which must be, ‘I Smoke Two Joints’. 
  2. As well, Luniz’ I Got 5 on It, has to play once if not two times. 
  3. You have a painting, which you painted, during Cannatainments’ Puff Puff Paint. 
  4. You’ve smoked and signed the Cannabus.
  5. You got the munchies at DOMM and decided Taco Bell was a good idea (FYI the ppl at Taco Bell laugh at you).  
  6. You can tell you found the right place for the event because Purple’s truck marks the spot.  

  1. You’ve heard this dude speak: 

  1. You go to an event that has an open bar for free and all you want is soda and/or water. 
  2. Remember that time Vapen took over the Clarendon Hotel & Spa.
  3. You got lost at Errl Camp
  4. Bonus point if you have all (5 points).

Swag is like glitter. It gets all over the place. It clogs up our junk drawers, cars, and our life. Yet, just like events are special, so is the shit they give out at them.

  1. Random UNDOO packs can be found in odd places all over your house and car. 
  2. You use dab mats for things other than their intended purpose. Examples: curling iron mat, table top protector from a hot pan, non-slip device in your car, and they can even be used to open jars. 
  3. You suddenly discover your entire wardrobe is nothing but cannabis brand tees, tanks, hoodies, hats, and beanies etc. 
  4. Since the pandemic has hit you are running low on your supply of swag…. mostly lighters and vape batteries. 
  5. Swag bags can be spared like regular Walmart plastic bags and can be used just the same. Example: Here take these apples. I have the perfect bag ” (Thanks Pineapple.) 
  6. You have an insane sticker collection of cannabis brands, dispensaries and more. 
  7. You have to have a “F💚CK THE DEA” sticker on something somewhere (thanks Mary Jane Smoke Wear…. Dopesquad!!) 
  8. You have enough lanyards to make a hammock. 
  9. Bonus point if you have all (5 points).
4/20/19 Vapen Hotel Party (Photo: Steve Simpson)

Pictures are another large part of our community here. We feel the need to document everything. Here’s some of our cannabis community’s most iconic pictures

  1. You and the Women Grow backdrop. 
  2. You with Tommy Chong. 
  3. You and the ‘Smoke Weed Everyday’ sign at DOMM (RIP). 
  4. Yourself at a cultivation/grow.  
  5. You in the Pink Kush throne (women only). 
  6. Yourself, eyes barely open at any ERRL Cup event. 
  7. Yourself and Mr. Marijuana (Jon Lockhart) in costume.  
  8. You’ve been in the group pic at Cannafriends, thank you Highly Social and Full Spectrum Creative-Alissa Brunelli.
  9. Sweating your butt off on the 420 Ultimate Tour Bus with no AC.  
  10. You have any pictures with Weedly at the bottom.  
  11. Bonus point if you have all (5 points).
Tangie & Jordan (Photo: Angelica Rodriguez)

For as many of us as there are, it sure is a small community. We share each other’s pain, and triumphs. Collectively, we go through so many things together. Here are just a few:

  1. Your home dispensary greets you like Norm from the old TV show ‘Cheers,’… Sometimes you want to go where everyone knows your strain! (Stolen from a Local Joint tee.) 
  2. You have a dab container graveyard, with nothing but empty dab containers.  
  3. You have lost your current dabbing container in the graveyard of empties. 
  4. You tell people where you live or where you’re at by the dispensary you are closest to. Example: “Hey, I’m coming from Midtown Roots. Are you around SWC? 
  5. You call dispensaries by their original name before they were taken over by Harvest or Curaleaf. 
  6. Everyone automatically has their alarm set for 8 am because that’s when the sales of the day start coming in.  
  7. Due to the above ⬆️, you know never to text anyone between 8 and 9 AM, because you will just blend into to endless array of dispensary texts. 
  8. Either you or your friend has a pet named Indica or Sativa 
  9. You are a Budcard Member
  10. You now have ‘I Got 5 on It’ stuck in your head!  
  11. Your parents and extended family think you only eat Cheba Hut. They always offer to take you there, and they know your favorite sub’s name. 
  12. You have to learn everyone’s IG handle and tag them every time you are with them in pics and videos.  
  13. Before every task you take a hit or a dab. Example: Going to put clothes in the wash- DAB!!! Going to put in fabric softener- DAB!!!! Going to put clothes in the dryer-DAB!!! Oops forgot the dryer sheets- DAB!!! 
  14. You’ve educated someone about the benefits of cannabis and witnessed the light bulb appear above their head. Like suddenly they get it.  
  15. Don’t forget the bonus points (5).

Unfortunately, the only prize is bragging rights. Post it to Facebook to share your score. Thanks for playing along, if you liked this little game please like our little publication.  

P.S. we felt that the community could use a laugh. A way to lighten the mood so to say!!! 

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