A Positive Pot Story!

The children in Arizona who have their medical cannabis cards are warriors. They live their lives with extreme physical ailments that you or I might find impossible to manage. However, these little troopers, against all odds, keep striving.

Genetic disorders, trauma during birth, and cancer are common issues in juvenile cannabis patients. Skyler is no different. He was born with a rare disease that affects connective tissue  (fibers that support and anchor your organs and other structures in your body), called Marfan. Marfan syndrome most commonly affects the heart, eyes, blood vessels, and bones. Due to this condition, when Skyler was only 8 years old, he was 3 to 4 months away from needing open-heart surgery. The issue: the blood vessels to Skyler’s heart are too narrow to support all the blood flow.  

Desperate, Skyler’s mom, Shadowlynn, looked for options to prolong the need for surgery as long as possible. She turned to cannabis, using RSO or Rick Simpson oil. She noticed a change immediately. The cannabis alleviated Skyler’s pain, which was just the beginning of the benefits he experienced. Without the pain, Skyler was able to calm down, which meant eating larger meals more frequently, as well as sleeping through the night; but what also improved was his blood pressure. Before his medical cannabis card, Skyler’s little body was in a constant state of shock. Calming him down and lowering his blood pressure was the miracle needed to allow Skyler’s heart medications to work, which helped prolong his heart surgery for about another four years.

Nevertheless, some things are inevitable and can only be held off for so long. Sklyer underwent an over five hour surgery at Phoenix’s Children’s Hospital in mid-June this year. With the surgery a success, Skyler was discharged only five days after open-heart surgery. The most amazing part is since he has been home from the hospital, Skyler has only used RSO for pain. Being 12 years old, he decided for himself that he did not want to take opiates, because he didn’t like the way they made him feel. 

To celebrate Skyler’s victory, this past Saturday, June 27th, there was a “Drive-by 4 Skyler” parade. Groups of car enthusiasts and cosplay nonprofits met at Turf Paradise and faced the heat for this brave boy. Star Wars, complete with Storm Troopers, a family of dinosaur hunters from Jurassic Park, and Transformer Bumblebee the 80s VW Bug all attended. Who else was there from the 80s? An unexpected guest got a lot of the adults’ attention: KITT from Knight Rider. Skyler arrived in style, accompanied by the Camaro car club. The smile on his face said it all as he went around and took pics with all the nonprofits. Then it was time for the parade; car after car drove by honking horns, all to celebrate this young cannabis patient.

The support from all the groups that came was overwhelming. It was amazing to see everyone come together during a time when tensions are high and many people are at odds with each other. All in all, strangers made a childhood memory that will last for all of Skyler’s lifetime..

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Allison Stein