1st MITA OF 2021

It can feel like a decade missing a year in the fast-paced cannabis industry. Especially with all the transformations that transpired throughout 2020. It might have appeared like a family reunion, on Wednesday, April 28th, 2021, as the cannabis industry united at the first in person MITA since February 2020.

MITA is dedicated to defeating the negative stigmas surrounding cannabis prohibition. Although MITA serves as a voice for the cannabis industry, it’s much more. MITA focuses on encouraging Arizona cannabis businesses to remain informed, network and bloom, their meetings have become a staple in the cannabis industry. Therefore, after the many changes of the last year, the first in person MITA of 2021 was fire.

There were hundreds of hugs, thousands of pictures, millions of smiles, and even a few tears as cannabis business leaders, and entrepreneurs packed The Gallery at the Found-Re Hotel in downtown Phoenix and that’s just the mixer part.

The meeting part was full of mixed emotions. Everyone was eager about being together again. However, there was a melancholy mood in the air as MITA paid respects to the late CEO and founder of COPIA, Peggy Noonan, with a memorial. Peggy passed away on April 10, 2021, after a hard four-year battle against leukemia. She was one of the early trailblazers in the Arizona medical marijuana industry.

However, the event didn’t end on a sad note. After the tribute, MITA founder and host Demetri Downing took us back to when The Smart And Safe Act of Arizona, Prop 207, passed election night 2020. Because of the pandemic, during its passing, there was not the celebration that Downing thought it deserved. To rewrite history, the room joined Downing in celebrating the legalization of adult use cannabis in Arizona. Everyone popped poppers and confetti littered the floor.

In case you missed this month’s MITA, no worries, it’s back on Wednesday, May, 26th.

It’s hard to believe this month marks a year of the great Mikel Weisser’s passing, and since May commemorates his departure, this month MITA will be a tribute to him. Weisser was a man of many hats, yet his favorite was lobbying for cannabis reform as the director of Arizona NORML. He fought tirelessly for medical cannabis patients, and for Prop 207, The Smart And Safe Act of Arizona to pass.