*Watch* From 2020 Bowers 2% THC Cap,


Died due to Covid19, came back in 2021, without 25thc cap.
The 2020 general election ballot is to carry the question of whether to amend state statute to allocate 50 percent of monies in the Medical Marijuana Fund to administer and enforce the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, and to transfer 50 percent of monies in the Fund to the Department of Corrections to pay for substance use disorder treatment beds and mental health beds.ThIs bill also added a 2% THC cap and a 5% tax to fund research specifically on the relationship between marijuana use and schizophrenia and the correlation between marijuana use and violent behavior.
ARS Titles Affected: 36
First sponsor: Rep. Bowers (R – Dist 25)
Bill Overview

House Health & Human Services Committee 2/20/2020

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