*Watch* 2/20/20 Rep Kevin Payne’s Research Bill HB2784


Died Due to Covid19, came back in 2021
Passed House

The Arizona Biomedical Research Center in the Department of Health Services is required to provide competitive grants from monies in the Medical Marijuana Fund for marijuana research studies, including clinical testing for safety and efficacy of using marijuana and researching the public health implications of medical marijuana use in Arizona and the impacts of marijuana interactions with prescription drugs. Requirements for the study and for grant recipients are specified. The Center is authorized to provide up to $5 million annually for five consecutive years from the Fund to administer and award competitive grants. Administrative costs are capped at five percent. Due to voter protection, this legislation requires the affirmative vote of at least 3/4 of the members of each house of the Legislature for passage.
ARS Titles Affected: 36
First sponsor: Rep. Payne (R – Dist 21)
Bill Overview

House Health & Human Services Committee 2/20/2020

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