The Errl Cup 2021

How many remember their first time at Disneyland, the thrill of any amusement park is exciting. The night before you find yourself unable to sleep, fantasizing about all the fun the next day will bring. Then all the anticipation breaks, and you’re finally there; stopping and standing and staring and pointing at everything in absolute astonishment. This is totally equal to anyone’s first time at The Errl Cup. No matter how long you’ve been consuming, attending a festival devoted entirely to cannabis can be a surreal moment.

And this last Saturday and Sunday, there were many first time faces as the Errl Cup opened its gates, in its first 2-day medical and adult use cannabis festival. Practically, everyone spends their first time at Errl, aimlessly floating around, from booth to booth, collecting goodies, stuffing the swag bag full so that when you’re home, you can unveil your harvest. The Errl Cup is almost like combining Halloween and Disneyland together for cannabis enthusiasts.

Besides the considerably larger than normal crowd, things went smoothly for the first 21 and over Errl Cup. Attendees brought their pieces from home to dab samples of products. Another prominent trend by vendors was pre-packed glass one hitters. Edibles were popular as well. Pucks, The Mint Café, Hippy Chick Chocolates and 420 Collections all gave out nice sized portions for samples.

However, with all the free stuff, it’s easy to overlook The Errl Cups history and everything that goes on behind the scenes. Jim Morrison, with his business partner Jay, founded The Errl Cup in 2015, out of pocket. Its primary goal is to focus on patient appreciation by bringing accountability and regulation to the (at the time) unregulated cannabis industry.

The Errl Cup has been providing a cannabis themed social experience for the last six years. This event is not just fundamental to cannabis consumers, it’s also essential for the cannabis industry. In a community that strives for transparency, The Errl Cup provides cannabis brands, companies and other small businesses an opportunity to educate others about products, resources, and other things, but everything relating to cannabis.

There are three Errl Cup events throughout a year, and everybody involved prepares for months in advance. Vendors make and package small samples, order custom swag, displays and much more. Volunteers hire babysitters, stay in hotels, and do manual backbreaking labor. The event planners Jim and Jay, pull their hair out for months in advance, making sure everyone has what they need. Why do vendors, volunteers, and The Errl Cup all bend over backwards; for you?  

The next Errl Cup event is Errl Camp, in September! Normally, the volunteer call goes out the 1st week of September. Follow The Errl Cup on IG for more information, and we will add it to the calendar, so stay tuned!