Pink Kush Is Making A Comeback

What’s female owned? And pink? And gives all the females in the community a warm, fuzzy feeling on the inside? It’s Pink Kush! Jasmine and the gals are making a comeback.

Making every male in the community jealous that they could not attend ladies night, Pink Kush launched in 2019. Geared towards providing a safe networking and educational event for women, their events were an instant success in the community and rose to popularity. 

It’s hard to call it a “comeback”, however, the first Pink Kush since COVID-19 took place on Thursday, May, 26th, 2022. This event focused on “Cannabis and Mental Health”, which is a perfect topic to re-introduce Pink Kush to the growing cannabis community. 

The wide array of speakers Pink Kush assembled touched on everything from body positivity to transgender and so much deeper than just cannabis and mental health. After all the sharing, it was time sesh. Brands like Camino and Glorious Extracts and many more were on hand to provide samples to attendees. 

And if you missed out on this, don’t worry, chances are that if you live in the southern part of Arizona. That’s right, if you live in Tucson, there is a sesh coming your way in just a few weeks. Located at the Harambe Cafe of Tucson on Friday, August 12.