What Makes Cannafriends Different From Other Networking Events

What is the history of Cannafriends?
Cannafriends started out as a group of industry friends gathering monthly to catch-up and connect. Slowly, more people wanted to join, which grew the group from a small gathering into a more formal event. Since then we have incorporated brands and given them a platform to showcase their products and use the event as an educational tool to provide more insight on how products are made, and all the medical benefits of each one. We also open the floor to a Q&A at the end of each meeting to get to know the brands and their staff on a more personal level.

Who are you and how did you become the CEO of Cannafriends?
I am Christina Haslett, I have been in the industry organizing events and staffing in-store promotions for about 6 years now. I had been planning and running operations for large scale cannabis events on a national level when the former Executive Director, Amy Donohue reached out to me and asked if I would like to carry on the Cannafriends legacy

What is the role that Cannafriends has in the Arizona cannabis community?
My goal for Cannafriends has always been education. We welcome everyone whether they are already working in the industry, looking for employment, or just a passionate consumer to join us each month. There are very few opportunities to get brand education from the source, and sampling the products while you learn. We provide a safe place to do so for everyone, with sample kits being processed and acquired through our partnered dispensaries we are 100% compliant.

What makes Cannafriends different from other monthly events in the community?
I think the feel of the event is really one of a kind. It’s very laid back and inviting, and not formal in any sense, you’re also not trapped in a dark loud smoke filled room. We provide food, a consumption area outdoors, and a fun interactive presentation. Tons of our members have made very close personal and professional connections through our meetings. And in an industry where networking is key, it’s great to provide a fun, non-exclusive, opportunity for our guests to do so.

What is your favorite thing about Cannafriends?
Well Chef Teresa’s amazing food is up there, but my absolute favorite part is getting told “I met my best friend at Cannafriends” or “I got my dream job from attending a meeting”. Seeing all of the benefits, happiness, and success others gain just from showing up really makes it all worth it for me. I love being part of this industry that has helped so many feel accepted, improve their wellbeing, and their lives. Being able to help others on their cannabis journey is really a huge blessing for me.

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