Recap Of MITA’s May Meeting & What’s In Store For June

The second MITA of 2021 was livelier than the original. Maybe it’s because word caught on that one of the biggest cannabis industry mixers is back, or maybe it’s May’s second MITA was bigger than the first. 

Last month the celebration took over the entire Found-Re Hotel in downtown Phoenix, from the bar, to the patios, to the private VIP floor. MITA was lit as Stiizy held its launch party. It’s normally Demitri just preaching to the choir about cannabis, but on Wednesday, May 24th, 2021 he had a choir there. MITA pulled out all the stops to commemorate the late Executive Director of Arizona NORML, Mikel Weisser. After an inspiring evening of narratives about Mikel, Beth, Mikel’s widow, finished the evening with some of Mikel’s poetry. From there the party traveled upstairs where; Good Things Coming, Dizpots, and more had the entire VIP Floor, 

Sam Weiser, Beth Weisser and Demitri Downing

This month’s MITA is on Wednesday, June 23rd at the Found-Re Hotel. Make certain you’re there because the fun has just begun. This month it’s The Future Of Infused Beverages & Edibles. Tickets are just $5 dollars for DA and FA cardholders and $25 for everyone else. 

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