Arizona NORML’s July Meeting is a week away!

June’s beginning also marked the return of Arizona’s Chapter of the Nation Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. On June 1st, marijuana activities gathered for what was the initial in-person NORML meeting since February 2020.

A lot has transpired during a plagued year, and NORML caught us all up on what’s been going on since we last met. During that time frame, NORML has changed Executive Directors a few times.

Currently, running Arizona NORML and Southern Arizona NORML is Mike Robinette. Mike is a retired calculus teacher that gained inspiration from the late Mikel Weisser to establish the Southern Arizona chapter of NORML.

Mike Robinette

The Deputy Director Todd Gilchrist is a familiar face. He has been with NORML for some time. He likewise might deliver your medical cannabis purchases as he delivers for Oasis dispensary!

Todd and Allison at Errl camp!

Jon Udell is a fresh face to AZNOMRL team. He is the Director of Communication and his press releases are magnificent! Not to mention he is a huge Deadhead as well. Jon is a cannabis attorney at the Rose Law Group.

Jon, Allison & A.J.

A. J. Jacobs is a retired law enforcement officer turned cannabis activist with a focus on children with special needs. Jacobs is the current Treasurer of Arizona NORML.

And one of the most popular new board members is Julie Gunnigle. Julie is the former candidate for Maricopa County Attorney. Which makes her the excellent fit to be Arizona NORML’s Director of Politics.

Julie At MITA Talking about expunging cannabis convictions

Also, Allison Stein, the journalist of this article, is now the Director of Civic Engagement and Community Liaison. Arizona NORML carried the announcement out after June’s meeting, but there’s certain to be more detail about her new position this month.

What else is Arizona NORML going to be discussing at their July meeting? Expungement clinics! Arizona NORML has been striving hard to serve those affected by the unjust war on cannabis. Come find out the progress made and how you can support the cause!

July 6th
929 E. Indian School Rd.